Monday, February 21, 2005

Kelly Morris discussed Togo situation on KPFA Pacifica Radio

The interview about events in Togo that journalist Glenn Reeder conducted with me on Sunday, 13 February 2005, for KPFA, Pacifica Radio in Berkeley, California, was aired on KPFA's Sunday Evening News the same day. It can be downloaded from the KPFA Evening News Archives at:

Just scroll down to the 13 February 2005 show. The interview with me takes place about half-way through the broadcast. Or you can download the interview at my Website at:

Once you have listened to the interview, please feel free to return to this blog and add your comments.

Disclaimer: The opinions that I expressed in the interview are
entirely my own and do not necessarily represent the position of
Friends of Togo or any other organization or agency with which I
have been associated.
Copyright © 2005 Kelly J. Morris

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Ron said...

I have followed the news on TOGO-L and listened to the interview on the radio station. I find it exciting and appropriate that it is african countries who are leading the demand to stick to the constitution and creeping ever so slowly toward a demand for greater human rights and a nod in the direction of democracy. Chzeckoslvakia showed us that change can happen abruptly and peacefully. The youth of Togo are asking Americans for guns instead of all the things you say are being scratched off: Increased tourism, business development, and aid in general. If all we had to do was show up in Liberia to force a change in leadership how little might it require to give the Togolese some breathing space. It is sad that noone is in the background shouting "The whole world is watching..." I am glad you started the Blog and thanks for keeping up the list-serve. Now how do we keep more focus on Togo in the eyes of the rest of the world? Surely there is a smart and wise answer.